CD1: Cake Decorating Level One
  • CD1: Cake Decorating Level One
  • CD1: Cake Decorating Level One
  • CD1: Cake Decorating Level One

CD1: Cake Decorating Level One

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This introductory level course is ideal for aspiring professional cake designers as well as for the hobbyist.

Learn how to step by step create beautiful cakes with a solid grounding in the basics.

Students will explore a wide range of professional tools and materials in this completely hands-on class.

  • Topics covered include baking a sponge cake, how to make buttercream icing, colouring and plenty of piping skills.
  • Also included are exclusive tips and trade secrets on how to fill and smooth cakes like the pros.
  • Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the basic decorating elements of a professional cake decorator using buttercream, ganache and whipped cream.
  • All course material, cakes, fillings and icings are provided.

  • Is previous experience needed for this course?                                

No! The CD1is a great course for complete newbies as well as a comprehensive learning for someone who has been decorating but now looking to upgrade their skills. We will begin class from scratch, yet it will cover essential foundational information that a self taught decorator may have missed out on.

  • Do I need to carry any ingredients or tools?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Nope. We provide everything you will need. All we ask you carry is a pen, an apron and a roll of paper towel/small hand towel.

  • Will I carry back the items I prepare in class

Yes! Be prepared to wow your family and friends with pretty cakes! 

  • Is this a certified course?

Upon completion (and full attendance) all students will receive a Certificate.

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