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Everything Doughnuts
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Everything Doughnuts

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  • Join us in this class, where we will share the secrets behind making a variety of bakery-style doughnuts at home!
  • Expertly mix dough for fritters and classic yeast doughnuts. Then, learn how to roll out and shape your dough for melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts and doughnut holes.
  • Plus, get tips on using the right fats, and how to build and maintain the right temperature to achieve browned but tender doughnut perfection. You’ll also find out how to expertly fill your doughnuts with tempting custards, fillings and more.
  • It's easy to dress up your doughnuts with a shiny, sweet glaze and in class we will prepare some from scratch.
  • Finally, dip, dunk and decorate your pastries with homemade vanilla glaze, flavoured sugars, and other toppings — just try not to dig right in!
  • This class though completely focused on doughnuts, will give you great recipes that can be also used to dress up and flavour other desserts.

  • Is previous experience needed for this course?                                
No! Even if you have never baked or worked with icings, you will be able to easily follow along. 
  • Do I need to carry any ingredients or tools?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Nope. We provide everything you will need. All we ask you carry is a pen and an apron.
  • Will I carry back the items I prepare in class
Yes! Be prepared to stuff your family with these sensational doughnuts!

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