The CCDS Diploma helped me to learn a lot of things and techniques related to baking and cake decorating. A lot of things were absolutely new for me so it was very informative.

The Chefs have been very helpful through out the course. I learnt in-depth on how different ingredients function in different recipes, this will be of great help. I would have loved to do a few more flavoured cakes.

Overall it was a very good experience. The teaching method, the techniques and the facility are excellent and everything is very professional. 

Avika Chhawchharia, Owner - Honey and Dough
My experience at CCDS has been amazing. The faculty and everyone at CCDS were very helpful and cooperated with us right till the end. This course helped me understand the basics as well as taught me advanced skills.
Ritika Arora
The experience here was amazing. I was zero with anything related to baking and decoration. But now after 20 days I can do a lot on my cakes and that too in a very satisfactory manner. The way Chefs teach here is remarkable. I am so happy that I came here and learnt so many techniques and recipes of baking. One of the best attributes of this course is that every angle of starting and maintaining a successful bakery is taught and covered in the syllabus. The scientific knowledge about baking which I learnt here in such a short span has been amazing.
Nitika jain
I loved this place. This was one of the best and most memorable experiences of my life. I made new friends. The staff of CCDS are very generous people. The chefs were helpful, caring and polite. First I was nervous with Chef Nagpal maam but now for me she is like wow! It is great being here and the efforts of the staff are unbelievable. Really great job. GOD BLESS CCDS!
Priyanka Agnani
It was a great experience at CCDS. I have learnt a lot about cakes and my many problems and issues regarding cake handling, decoration etc. have been resolved. Here I have even learnt how to make cookies, breads and other desserts, which would now become extra add-ons to my business. Thanks CCDS for helping me out in everything. Thanks again to Chef Nagpal for being so supportive and motivating. Thank you Chef for everything. Last but not the least thanks to the staff and the kitchen staff who all have been so helpful and have worked so hard to make our course work out so well.
Ritika Dugar
I have learnt so much about bakery ingredients, cake decoration and design. The faculty here are superb. They always welcome our doubts and clear them thoroughly too. I feel so happy that I have learnt so many new things which will help me in putting up my future business. Thank you.
Reshmi Parida
I always wanted to be a pastry chef that’s why I did my course from IHM and then did my internship. All this didn’t help me at all (seriously.) A friend referred  me to CCDS and that’s how I came to know about it and  just did it. I came and learned a lot. Hopefully sooner or later I’ll have my small bakery shop in my hometown. I am very thankful to all the Chefs and staff. Thank you very much.
Chadiap Hondik
This course helped me a lot, it increased my skill, now I know almost every technique. The best part of this course is that it covers every cake decorating technique. Chef Nagpal helps a lot & at the same time she is strict, and that’s the good part because then everyone takes their learning more seriously.
Hansa  Vijayvergia Zone
CCDS has been the perfect solution for achieving my goals. I had a wonderful time learning all that I needed to know. It’s a complete course and you learn so much in such little time. Chef Nagpal, Chef Tarini and Chef Tania have all been very helpful throughout. A special thanks to them and all the workers who are available all the time for anything you need. Thanks once again!
Nidhi Jain L.A
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