Corporate Events

At CCDS, we firmly believe that time spent in the kitchen brings people together. Your private baking or cooking event will be a true bonding experience for your business. Our private events are hands-on, inspiring, interactive sessions that will help your corporate team better communicate, delegate tasks, see tangible results from their efforts and simply have fun together. Our professional chefs help your colleagues work together in a cohesive, positive and efficient way to create a delicious meal together. Not only will your team learn cooking skills they can use in their own kitchens at home, they will learn how to effectively communicate and work together. These are important skills that will easily translate from our kitchens to your office.

People from all cultures, ages, interests and cooking abilities gather from all over in our kitchens to share the universal experience of cooking, learning and of course, eating! CCDS’s culinary team building program is unique in that our highly skilled and experienced chefs are trained to be engaging and inspiring teachers and leaders in the kitchen. They will help your team break down barriers that may exist in the workplace as they participate in this fun, playful team bonding event.

Pre-determine your groups to make sure certain people work together or let the bonds build organically. Each event’s topics and objectives are customised to meet your goals, schedule and budget. As with any event at CCDS, you choose your level of culinary participation.

CCDS’s corporate centric events are a fun, affordable and creative solution for:

Team Building

Client Entertainment


Festive Parties

Employee Incentive & Recruiting

Product or Brand Launches

Welcoming a New Team

Annual and Bi-Annual Outings

Meetings, Seminars, Training & Presentations