Kid's Holiday Camp
  • Kid's Holiday Camp
  • Kid's Holiday Camp
  • Kid's Holiday Camp
  • Kid's Holiday Camp

Kid's Holiday Camp

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Dusshera Holidays are here! Let your kid's learn and have fun in a creative environment.

        In our two session kids' camp, budding chefs 6 to 12 years old learn fundamental kitchen skills, focusing on measuring, mixing, working cleanly and safely in the kitchen, and exploring new foods, while following recipes geared for their age group.
        Take advantage of the holidays and get your little chef to bake and have fun in a culinary environment.
        Your kids will become confident in the kitchen, make new friends and of course, learn important kitchen skills during our classes and camps.

        Children will learn:

        • The basics of Baking
        • Measuring Skills
        • Usage of tools
        • Culinary Team Development
        • Palate Development
        • Baking and Shaping Cookies
        • Decorating Cookies
        • Baking Cupcakes
        • Decorating Cupcakes using fondant and buttercream
        • Molded Chocolates
        • Shaping and Finishing Cake Pops

        • Is previous experience needed for this course?                                
        None required.
        • Do the children need to carry any ingredients or tools?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
        Nope. We provide everything you will need. All we ask your child carry is a pen and an apron (and have them wear something that you don't mind getting chocolate on!)
        • Will the children carry back the items they prepare in class?
        It depends if they have any leftovers after stuffing themselves!

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