Confectionery and Cake Decorating Diploma (Weekend)
  • Confectionery and Cake Decorating Diploma (Weekend)
  • Confectionery and Cake Decorating Diploma (Weekend)
  • Confectionery and Cake Decorating Diploma (Weekend)
  • Confectionery and Cake Decorating Diploma (Weekend)

Confectionery and Cake Decorating Diploma (Weekend)

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Start Date: March 31, 2018 

End Date: May 27, 2018

The Confectionery and Cake Decorating Diploma is one of the most in-depth programmes offered at CCDS. Blend your love for art and design with your passion for baking and creating high-quality pastries in this comprehensive programme, which will enhance your skills and fully prepare you for a career in the culinary industry.

As part of the Diploma programme, students will study theories of classic pastry and cake design, and explore current trends and modern practices emerging within the industry. Students will work in our state-of-the-art classrooms, learning how to use high-quality ingredients and materials to produce superior artisanal products that are both aesthetic and pleasing to the palate. Taught by industry professionals, each student will receive an educational experience unlike any of its kind, utilizing instructor demos, hands-on practical labs, and team tasks.

The Diploma covers Baking of not just cakes, but most confectionery too - tarts, pies, cheesecakes, cookies and breads! In addition, the students work practically with almost all icings - whipped cream, ganache, royal icing, fondant, gumpaste. Using these all latest cake decorating techniques are taught after developing strong foundational skills. Further, the course also includes a session on chocolates, science of baking, administration of a bakery, marketing and costing of products

At CCDS we are devoted to student success and are continually striving for excellence. We encourage individual creativity in a stimulating and supportive environment. Let us help you turn your dream into an exciting new career when you enrol in our most successful programme!

  • Is previous experience needed for this course?                                

No experience is needed. This hands-on course is suitable for total beginners, where we will teach you the basic skills first, so that you are easily able to follow the more advanced techniques as the course progresses. For those with some prior experience, we believe the short time we spend on basics, is a great way for you to go over foundational skills, which even if you are experienced, you may have missed out on. 

  • Do I need to carry any ingredients or tools?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Nope. We provide everything you will need. All we ask you carry is a pen and an apron. In addition you will be given a complete kit filled with all tools and gadgets that you will need during the course, and upon completion this is yours to keep.

  • Will I carry back the items I prepare in class

Yes! Be prepared to wow your family and friends with scrumptious goodies when you return home each day! 

  • Is this a certified course?

Upon completion (and full attendance) all students who pass the exams, will receive a Diploma. 

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